Cloud Effect

Dancing on the bed of clouds

Simply amazing! Astonishing! Words used to describe the feelings felt while “dancing on the clouds”. Dancing on Clouds is a Dramatic Effect that adds Style and Romance to the bride and the groom First Dance. Our Dancing on the cloud effect always captivates guests making you feel like you are literally in the cloud.

Dry Ice is the most beautiful effect you can have during your first dance! It creates an odorless, low lying smoke on the dancefloor, making your pictures and videos look like you are "Dancing On A Cloud".

This effect is great for adding a dramatic look to any dance floor for that special dance. Our effect will also look great in any photography or video as it gives the illusion that you are dancing in the clouds.


No Rising

Our “Dancing on a Cloud” effect will not rise above 3 feet off the floor and dissolves cleanly leaving absolutely nothing behind.

Lifetime Memories

Perfect for stunning photos and video of your first dance as a married couple.